Leatt Moto 8.5 V21.1 Composite Motocross Helmet with Goggles

  • Leatt Moto 8.5 V21.1 Composite Motocross Helmet with Goggles

    “Safety first” – this philosophy has proven its worth at Leatt and ensures that you are completely protected when you’re hunting for the thrill. With groundbreaking innovations, Leatt continues to push the level of motorsport equipment every time without failing to make you look great.


    • Composite shell in three sizes
    • Brain injury reduction technology
    • Reduces forces associated with concussion
    • Pro-Fit elastic comfort liner that shapes to your head
    • large ventilation channels to keep your head cool even at lower speeds
    • 4 densities of Impact foam for reduction of forces to head and brain
    • Visor has breakaway function to reduce forces to head and neck in a crash
    • Clip-on Visor extention
    • X-Static® Inner liner is washable, breathable and has moisture wicking anti-odor fabric
    • Designed to offer great neck brace mobility
    • Emergency cheek pad removal
    • Hydration side port (with optional hands-free kit)
    • 360° Turbine Technology
    • Reduced peak brain acceleration by up to 30% at impact speeds associated with concussion
    • Reduces peak brain rotational acceleration by up to 40%


    • Safety standarts: ECE
    • Closure: Double-D
    • Weight: 1250g (+/- 50g)


    • 1 x Leatt Moto 8.5 Composite Motocross Helmet
    • 1 x Leatt 5.5 Motocross Goggles
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